The Roux: December – Week II

Welcome to The Roux! Every Friday, new music is released. Though the internet and streaming make it easier than ever to discover something new, the main channels usually rep the same established big names. This leaves equally great records on the sidelines. Each of these artists is talented and accomplished in their own right. With this weekly feature, I do the searching, so you don’t have to, selecting five releases that were discovered while exploring beyond the algorithm.

All releases are linked to the artists’ respective Bandcamp pages.

01. Doom Enwreathed

by Lucky Cyan

[The Church of Noisy Goat]

A two-track collection that utilizes a few different tools to their sound beyond just a harsh noise. “Unconscious Sacrifice” moves between ambient mood and ominous tones coupled with manipulated sound experimentation. “Skulk” moves in much the same way, shifting from static to more elegant peaceful sounds. There’s a good variety on Doom Enwreathed that makes it easy to revisit.

02. Imperial Valley II

by Imperial Valley

[Other Forms Of Consecrated Life]

Imperial Valley paints sturdy reimagined drone pieces recalling the specific struggles and imagery of Great Depression-era Americana. The compositions spiral out like the seemingly infinite desert of the American Southwest.

03. Proof of Concept

by Gently Manner


Proof of Concept’s eight tracks builds a bridge between gentle melodic folk music and ambient drone. Sometimes sounding like a lost Elephant 6 band, there’s a definite Neutral Milk Hotel vibe to the vocals. A collection of “bits and bobs” that might be unfinished but is no less engaging.

04. A Prayer For Winter

by Clem Bourque


A Prayer For Winter consists of three static-drenched drone compositions that envelop the listener in warm tones. It’s the ambient drone equivalent of sitting fireside or cocooning oneself in a thick blanket.

05. Invisible Threads

by Helen Bell


Invisible Threads serves as an appetizer for Helen Bell’s next full-length however it works well as a stand-alone ep of Vashti Bunyan-inspired folk arrangements. The lyrics focus on communication and nature. Don’t call these castaways though, If anything, the strength of the material here makes her next LP all the more anticipated!

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