The Roux: January – Week I

Welcome to The Roux! Every Friday, new music is released. Though the internet and streaming make it easier than ever to discover something new, the main channels usually rep the same established big names. This leaves equally great records on the sidelines. Each of these artists is talented and accomplished in their own right. With this weekly feature, I do the searching, so you don’t have to, selecting five releases that were discovered while exploring beyond the algorithm.

All releases are linked to the artists’ respective Bandcamp pages.

01. Enochian Ballad’s

by Liminal Objects


Somewhere between minimal techno, ambient, and shoegaze, Enochian Ballad’s opens like a richly complex tapestry of eclectic hues and textures, depicting an abstract world of ethereal beings. There are points here where you can dance and more contemplative tracks that cover the listener in a glorious veil. 


by Bitch Pitch


These three live noise explorations contain a stable and propulsive quality teetering between noise and dance. Bitch Pitch maintains interest by concentrating on the visceral quality of noise and drone, reminding one that it is not simply a matter of assaulting the listener but immersing them as well.

03. Hymnary

by Joseph Randolph

[The Archives Department]

Icy electronics, warm drones, and ethereal vocals make Hymnary a lovely release. With the running time under twenty-five minutes, It’s an easy release to revisit and provides loads of subtle moments to explore. Each of the five compositions covers offers something new, yet the whole of Hymnary is held together by an elegant beauty.


by Julio Cesar Palacio

[Sun Color]

Two long-form field recordings taken from various locales and spliced together THERE bring listeners on an expedition as the tracks pivot from one tongue to another and one sound to another quite regularly. What makes any field recording special is the ability to remember a precise time or place, as these pieces undoubtedly do for Palacio. For anyone unfamiliar with these cities, nations, or cultures, it’s an excellent showcase for studying the area without having to be there. At once, the recordings act as a primer for an auditory cultural experience, a snapshot of an authentic lived-in moment.

05. Insect Carcasses Still Life

by Seedy-R


A collection of tracks never meant to be heard, Insect Carcasses Still Life, recorded between 2017 and 2021, arrives as a lost Lo-Fi treasure. Covered in Lo-Fi fuzz, ecstatic beats, and electronic flourishes, the tracks here propel forward with a playful warmth. For any fan of 90s indie-rock or the vibrant yet glacial stylings of Microphones, Seedy-R should serve you well!

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