The Roux: March – Week II

Welcome to The Roux! Every Friday, new music is released. Though the internet and streaming make it easier than ever to discover something new, the main channels usually rep the same established big names. This leaves equally great records on the sidelines. Each of these artists is talented and accomplished in their own right. With this weekly feature, I do the searching, selecting five releases discovered while exploring beyond the algorithm.

All releases are linked to the artists’ respective Bandcamp pages.

01. Ukrainian Relief Compilation

by Various

[The Post-Everything Collective]

Sixty contributing artists make up this post-rock juggernaut of a relief album. From grandiloquent Sigur Ros-inspired tapestries to more angular and bombastic material reminiscent of Mogwai at their most gut-wrenching. 100% of the proceeds from this comp go directly to the Save the Children Foundation for Ukraine! Unfortunately, the comp is only available through March 31, 2022; however, support matters sooner rather than later. 

02. Solidariet med Ukraina

by Various

[Zeon Light]

Boasting another heavy set of contributors, thirty-three tracks make this collection worth checking out for the diversity in sound, and while the compilation is more mixed in contributing artists, primarily, it runs within the domain of experimental electronic music.

03. A Dove Has Spread Her Wings

by Various

[Northern Electronics]

With proceeds going directly to UNICEF, if you’re a lover of ambient and minimal techno, A Dove Has Spread Her Wings, compiled by Anthony Linell, is sure to get you dancing, a reminder that dancing is resistance and a revolution can commence on the dancefloor.

04. 🕊️ (dove)

by Various

[No Problema Digital]

At seventy-five individual artists, dove is the most extensive compilation featured; at an asking price of $1, it’s one of the more affordable ways to support Ukraine. No genre is off the tables for this one, a wealth of material and artistry ranging from noise-tinged electronics to ambient soundscapes, jazz-inflected post-rock, to plaintive piano pieces. This comp supports a GlobalGiving campaign raising money for supplies in the ongoing relief effort in Ukraine and surrounding countries.

05. #StandWithUkraine

by Various

[SonCe trio]

A compilation that dabbles in jazz, electronic, and folk tunes. #StandWithUkraine is a testament to the global empathy and outcry for support for the Ukrainian people, covering perhaps the most ground of any of the compilations featured with artists spanning from Europe to the US.

06. W snach widzę spokojny Wschód

by Various


While smaller in scope than the previous compilations, W snach widze spokojny Wschód is possibly the most cohesive sound, featuring nine tracks in the ambient field. The title is apt for a collection that focuses on reflective tones and an atmosphere reliant on peaceful meditation, translated as In my dreams I see a peaceful East. This album captures the hopes many are having for a safe and calm return home for the Ukrainian citizens. All funds from this comp will be donated to the “Return of the Living” Foundation.

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